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Simplified Approach to Biomedical Treatments in Autism and ADHD

In 2002, my older son, Isaiah, was diagnosed with autism. At the time I had been practicing as a family physician for about five years. Prior to his diagnosis, Isaiah loved to get down on the floor and spin…

Simplified Approach to Cerebral Folate Deficiency in Autism

This article is a companion piece to the story of Evan Carkhuff, a child diagnosed with autism who went many years with neither a medical diagnosis nor an explanation for his medical condition…

Simplified Approach to Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Autism

Recently, evidence has accumulated that some children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) have mitochondrial disease (also known as mitochondrial disorders) or mitochondrial dysfunction….

The Folate Factor: A Newly Discovered Disorder May Play a Role in Autism

Autism spectrum disorders — which include autistic disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, and pervasive developmental disorder-not otherwise specified are defined by behavioral observations…

Interrelationships among Mitochondrial Function

Over the last century, a connection between gastrointestinal (GI) abnormalities and problems outside of the GI tract has become evident. For example, an association between GI problems…

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